Monday, November 15, 2010

Heart and Roses Design

I found another beautiful Madeira tablecloth from a seller in the UK (square 41" x 41" approximate). The condition appears to be unused. The linen is medium weight and what I would call an "off-white" color. The stitching is in a medium dark brown. Milk chocolate color? (I just love chocolate!)

Circle and a Square Compass Work

One of the most charming overall aspects of this tablecloth is that the interior has a square pattern compass work while the exterior has circular compass work. This contrast has a pleasing effect.

The interior square compass work holds four hearts, each heart on top of both vertical and horizontal designs that provide a "movement" to the design. There is a definite romance to the hearts portrayed in this manner. A liveliness. I was surprised that the seller never even mentioned this pattern in her description of this cloth. Gosh -- I found the hearts made this cloth unique.

The exterior compass work is quite simple and appears to provide a joining link between each rose motif in the four corners.

There are lovely scallops edges and this cloth includes a few other random bits of interesting stitchery.

The Rose Motif -- An Uncommon Approach to Common Pattern

Below are a few shots of one corner. I am very taken with the artistry of this piece which includes a rather common rose pattern. Yet, the embroideress added lovely wisps here and there which give a wonderful and organic movement to the pattern. Yes, movement -- like a rose bush flowing back and forth in a light summer breeze.

I appreciate the workmanship involved in completing the shading for these flowers by using 2 different stitches. Note the darkness of the upper rose petals while the lighter shading demonstrates the lower petals as they would stand out in the sun.

The close-up photo reveals the thickness of the rose petal outline stitching. Sumptuous!

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