Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Looking Back at Xmas Decorations 2009

I am very inspired to get started on my Christmas decorating after viewing some wonderful posts on various blog sites.

Here is a visit to last year's Christmas decorations in my itty bitty space. It is important to me to note that some bits of these photos caused me to do some major redecorating during 2010. How fun is that?

Of note, I just refuse to start decorating in November -- even on the last day of the month. Yes -- I stand on Principle. Or is it Principal? That, plus I have a miserable cold and do not want to start ANYTHING right now. I just want to check last year's photos and post these on my blog.

My tree is artificial. So, I'm not a purist seeking that "real" tree. My parents bought the live cut tree when I was a child, and so I remember how enchanting that was until it dried out and shed everywhere. This artificial tree is one piece, nice and full, yet only 36" tall -- a "table top tree". Smugly, I admit that Setting Up The Christmas Tree takes less than 12 minutes, including putting the champagne into the freezer, carrying up the tree bag (nylon) from the basement, setting the tree onto a table, plugging in the lights, and returning the tree bag to the basement.

Last year I set the tree on top of 2 plastic file boxes. I simply covered the plastic with a tree skirt and set out my artificial poinsettias in front. I love the look (above).

I admire those who have the time, the creativity and the storage space to set up a different tree theme each year. Look, I used to be an accountant, so baby steps... baby steps.

I elected to start with red and gold ornaments about 20 years ago. Over time, those colors have broadened to include jewel tone ornaments. Gee, I never knew I was so keen on turquoise until I looked at photos of my 2009 tree.

My Christmas pillows are a part of the scene.

Two years ago, I purchased a few vintage ornaments on Ebay. Last year, instead of adding those to my tree, I got a bit creative and placed them around some beloved vintage sterling pieces. That single photo includes some pieces from ancesters and remind me of good times shared by the family. Instead of using white lights in that shiny vignette, I used small votive candle holders. Love candle light during this time of the year!

The clear glass ornament hanging from the candelabra was made by my 5 year old grandnephew. Yeah, there's that turquoise again.

After decorating the tree and the above vignette, I found that I still had a few bits and pieces that did not match my current holiday decor. They did not "belong" anywhere.

I was just about to donate these items when I noticed that they combined into a bit of a "vintage" theme. So, a small artificial tree is decorated only with simple ribbon and a few metal toys. The santa is made from painted canvas. The Shaker round boxes just seemed to fit in there. The plate above is part of wall decor (handmade in Istanbul by a green-eyed man who told me his art is a prayer to Allah -- I promptly bought it, and oh yes, there is that turquoise again). The ram's head is part of a lamp. I have no mantel, no shelf and precious little horizontal space -- so this vintage vignette is actually about 6" away from the sterling and ornaments vignette.

As you can see here, the champagne inspired me to not only finish decorating the tree, but to stand on a chair and take a photo of the tree through the round crystal of my French chandelier. The tree is also reflected in the mirrored wall. I love the effect!

NOTE: That mirrored wall came down in October and a mantle shelf is on order. I am looking forward to decorating that horizontal shelf with great joy and reckless abandonment!

Good thing I have extra champagne already chilled...

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