Saturday, November 13, 2010

Preparing for a Holdiay Dinner Party -- The Brooklyn Irish Way

Okay, I'll have to check with some of the relatives on this one. Make sure I'm including all the traditions.

Lessee, preparing for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas meant preparations were underway for:

  1. Polish the living room and dining room wood furniture. We used the good old stuff, no lemon scents and no silicone to clog the wood.

  2. Pull apart the dining room table and insert the leaves. Top with the felt-backed table protector.

  3. Dig out the fancy tablecloth

  4. Uncover the sterling silver from various hiding spots. Polish each piece until it gleamed

  5. Rinse out the crystal stemware until it sparkled. Then set them next to the sterling.

  6. Take a few moments to play silly tunes on the stemware by rubbing the rims with water. Different tones based on the amount of water in each glass. Oh you remember, it was on Ed Sullivan. This scenario was the only silly moment my mother allowed herself prior to the Family Holiday Dinner.

Those are my memories. My mother controlled the kitchen including the shopping, the prep and the cooking. One of my sisters was always in charge of making the gravy. I never did the cooking (the advantage of being the last-born).

Accordingly, I have VERY HAPPY MEMORIES associated with Sterling Silver and Tablecloths.

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